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Welcome to gardeningcentre. we are devoted to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Statement outlines our procedures for collecting, using, sharing, and protecting the data you provide through the site.

We want to be clear about the data we collect, how it's used, and your options and legal rights. We also want you to be aware of the security measures we have in place to protect your information and how we use cookies and associated technologies.


You provide personal information to us when you use our services, open an account with us, or fill out a form on the website that requests it. When you use our services, you provide us with personal information, which we collect. Your first and last name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and credit card or payment account details are all included in this information. When you contact one of our departments, such as customer service, or fill out online forms or surveys on the Site, we also gather your personal information.

Your information may be gathered and used by gardeningcenter, site users, and the general public if you publish it in a public part of the website, such as a customer review. We firmly advise against posting any information on the Site that could be used to identify or locate you by a total stranger or that you would otherwise not want to be made public.


Some of the key terms used in the website's privacy statement are defined in this document, which should be read in conjunction with the whole policy.

• Opt-in/Opt-out: This refers to the user's choice of sharing their data with the website. Users can choose to share or not share their information.

• Data security is preventing misuse or unauthorized access to user data. This includes access restrictions, encryption, regular backups, and security measures.

• You refer to the individual who accesses or uses the service or, where appropriate, the company or other legitimate organization on whose behalf the user accesses or uses the service.

• A third party explains what a service is like

Search engine analysis, Google AdWords, Amazon Affiliates, ClickBank, lead generation on Twitter, Facebook pages, stores, apps, a store on Google Play, and the iOS App Store are just a few examples.

We only collect personal data that is voluntarily provided to us. We don't use tracking software to gather information about website visitors. Your private information won't be given to third parties or sold or rented to them.


Cookies are little data files that are stored on a user's computer or mobile device. They are used to monitor user preferences and behaviour and customize certain experiences. On our website, we use cookies to collect and store information about our users' browsing preferences and habits. This makes it easier for us to tailor our services to the needs of our clients.

We may also use cookies to evaluate the success of our affiliate marketing campaigns. This allows us to determine which campaigns are more successful and which need improvement. Cookies may also be used to evaluate user and visitor information on our website.

This makes understanding how users use our website easier and enables us to adapt it better to fit their needs. Additionally, we might use cookies to track who our clients are and how they use our website. We may provide a more individualized experience for our customers by showcasing the most pertinent products and deals based on their prior experiences with our website.

Please note that cookies are not used to store sensitive information like credit card numbers or passwords. We take our customers' privacy very seriously. As a result, all data collected by cookies is kept private and utilized only for the objectives mentioned above.


We use the data we collect to provide our website users with the best experience possible. We may use the data better to understand user behavior, tailor offers and content, and improve our website and services. We use the data to advertise and market to our customers more aggressively.

We take extensive measures to ensure the security of the data we collect. We only use secure servers and adhere to strict data security procedures. We also have security measures to stop misuse or unauthorized access to user data. We may occasionally use third-party services to protect and secure user data.


As an affiliate, we may link to third-party websites in our content, coupons, advertisements, or blogs. Any page with links to external websites will carry the necessary information. However, third-party websites or platforms' privacy policies apply to all information, including registration. Management does not influence how certain data are disclosed or used. Additionally, we are not liable for any third-party websites' content.


As a last resort, we may suddenly update the Privacy policy. However, we will let you know by updating this page online or sending you a copy through email. We changed this page's "last updated" date and invited you to review the privacy statement. Please contact us if you have any inquiries about the privacy statement or worry about removing the information gathered.

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