Enhance Your Gaming and Work Setup with Secretlabs Accessories

If you are looking to elevate your gaming and work setup, then Secretlab accessories are crafted to deliver unmatched comfort and support. Each item is meticulously designed to enhance your experience by combining innovation, comfort, and functionality. From ergonomic support systems to state-of-the-art cleaning solutions, Secretlab ensures every accessory is made with the finest materials and cutting-edge technology. Their engineers continually refine designs, leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques to bring revolutionary ideas to life. This dedication to quality guarantees that every accessory not only pairs perfectly with your Secretlab chair but also significantly enhances your overall experience.


Here we have mentioned some accessories of Secretlabs.

Discover Accessories Offered by Secretlabs

Elevate your setup with Secretlab's meticulously crafted accessories and experience the ultimate in ergonomic luxury.

Secretlab MAGNUS Monitor Arm

The Secretlab MAGNUS Monitor Arm allows you to find the perfect position for your monitor at eye level, freeing up valuable desk space for enhanced productivity. Featuring a secure C-clamp mount with a top screw for easy installation, this monitor arm eliminates the need to fumble under your desk. It is capable of holding monitors up to 34 inches in size and 8 kg in weight, making it versatile enough for various setups. 


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The following are more features of this product:


  • Designed to fit into the cable tray opening.

  • Works perfectly with the rear-hinged cover.

  • Constructed with full powder-coated aluminum.

  • Made with a premium tensile spring mechanism.

  • Compatible with desktops between 10mm to 50mm thick.

  • Available in single or dual-arm configurations.


To maximize your desk space and more room to work efficiently, buy Secretlab MAGNUS Monitor Arm, for just £149.

Secretlab Premium Leather Cleaner

The Secretlab Premium Leather Cleaner is specially formulated to effectively clean and remove most dirt and stains from your Secretlab leatherette or NAPA leather chair. Utilizing gentle, non-abrasive cleaning agents, this water-based solution is safe to use on all kinds of leather, ensuring that your chair remains in pristine condition without causing any damage. Its formulation is gentle on both the chair and your skin, making it easy and safe to use. 


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  • Each package includes a 250ml spray bottle of the leather cleaner.

  • Offers a microfiber cloth.

  • Comes to remove any stubborn dirt or stains. 

  • Help to maintain a luxurious appearance.

  • Comes as a water-based solution.


Buy Secretlab Premium Leather Cleaner, to ensure your chair looks and feels new for years to come, for just £29.

Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro

The Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro is meticulously designed with a carefully sculpted ergonomic arch that enhances the integrated 4-way L-ADAPT™ Lumbar Support System on the Secretlab TITAN Evo. This synergy provides superior support for your lower back, regardless of your seating posture. The lumbar pillow ensures a snug and secure fit against your chair, offering optimal comfort and stability during extended periods of use. 

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Here are more features of this product:


  • Designed with cooling gel-infused PlushCell memory foam.

  • Comes with a dimension of 396mm in width.

  • Offers 355mm in height (15.6" x 13.9").

  • Engineered with the L-ADAPT Lumbar Support System.

  • Designed to dissipate heat efficiently.


To get lasting comfort throughout the day, buy Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro, for just £69.

Secretlab Technogel Premium Armrest Top

The Secretlab Technogel Premium Armrest Top magnetically snaps on for perfect alignment with your armrest top, ensuring a seamless fit. Designed to comfortably conform to your wrists and elbows, provides even weight distribution and ergonomic support, enhancing your overall gaming or working experience. The armrest top is cool to the touch and helps disperse heat, promoting improved thermoregulation. 


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Below are more features of this product:


  • Infused with German-made memory gel.

  • Comes as a pair.

  • Comes with a magnetic CloudSwap system. 

  • Offers enhanced comfort and customization.

  • Comes to help disperse heat for improved thermoregulation.


To get the world's first hot-swappable gaming chair armrest tops, buy Secretlab Technogel Premium Armrest Top, for just £75.

Secretlab Cable Management Bundle

Organize your loose cables and keep them securely in place with magnetic cable anchors designed for the Secretlab MAGNUS. These anchors allow you to route the cords from your PC along each rear leg, effectively hiding them with magnetic cable sheaths for a neat appearance. The fastening straps are perfect for holding multiple cables together, ensuring a cleaner and more organized workspace. 

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The set includes:


  • Three magnetic cable anchors.

  • Two magnetic cable sheaths.

  • Ten cable fastening straps.


All designed specifically for the Secretlab MAGNUS, help you maintain a clutter-free desk, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of your setup. 


Buy Secretlab Cable Management Bundle, a comprehensive cable management solution, for just £45.


These were the accessories offered by Secretlab, crafted to meet your needs, offering the ultimate ergonomic luxury and maximizing your productivity. Experience unparalleled comfort and efficiency with these innovative products, all available at affordable prices. Invest in Secretlab accessories today and transform your workspace into a haven of comfort and productivity.


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